Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First trimester

We have finished the dreadful first trimester of TechStars.

It feels like our baby has grown, all the nausea and headaches have passed and we can see the sonogram of our baby, its a startup!!!

We have met so many great mentors in the past month, most of  them liked our product, some of them said we should tackle the problem differently, and almost all of them liked the scanning angle and the design :)

We have been listening, closely, and every day we thought about how we can make our product better and what is our launch strategy. There have been discussion that lasted hours, weekends we went home and slept on the ideas and if they still  looked good on Sunday (we work on Sunday, sorry), we put them into action.

We have decided that our product, as beautiful as it is now, needs a boost, we need to fill the empty bucket of data to make the comparison even better. This is why we have decided to add a middle of the road milestone, by supplying immediate gratification to our users, we will provide our users tailored coupons to their shopping list.

Tailored coupons means that there is no longer a need to cut the newspapers and sift through coupons you don't need and don't want, we will do this for you. Just scan your receipt and Saverr will do the magic of finding the exact coupons you are looking for. We know what you buy so we will help you save money on these items.

Our master plan is to launch the app with these features within two weeks and from there on we plan to add more great features we are working on, a sneak peek of the features are the ability to create and edit a shopping list, adding the viral feature of helping you help your friends save, adding gamification to make the app much more fun (yes there will be beautiful badges) and much more.

We plan to sink in work and make it easy to save, hang on, it is going to be fun.

Friday, September 7, 2012

TechStars - two weeks and counting

We are happy to announce that we have passed the hectic critical two weeks of TechStars.

Settling in in Boston was not that hard. Boston is beautiful and very hospitable and we have found a place to stay quite easily.

We have started full steam on the first day where we had gone through the orientation and the mentor meetings. We have landed feet first and tried to make an impression with the mentors which gladly was remembered later on during our 1 on 1 meetings.

Katie, Reed, Bob and Joe gave us the feeling that they have seen it all and we can never surprise them with anything, they are encouraging us to open up every problem we have and they assure us that Saverr can work it out together because "it is your company".

The associates and hackstars are lifesavers. Having another pair of eyes in the meetings who helps you figure out what was going on there and taking notes is sooo important, thank you guys, and the hackstars are so eager to help. It feels like we have a team to help us get the most out of this program.

We have met many mentors and we have encountered the dreaded Mentors Whiplash. Every mentor have extensive experience in his/her field of expertise and they reflect this experience on our company and provide us with his insight, which is awesome. The problem is that these insights don't always go together. One mentor can say that we need to have feature A and another mentor feels that we need add feature B to be more appealing to specific customers. These insights sometime contradict each other and makes our head spin, but there is one thing that Katie told us that every founder in a company has to know, "you are the smartest person in the room when it comes to your company", this is a great advice and moreover you have to remember that "its your company". The decision are ours and we know the best about our company, this really helped us survive the whiplash and we just came out stronger from it.

Bill Warner has taken us on a journey to understand the difference between building a product for the market or building a product from the heart. When you build a product from the heart you address your set of beliefs and you intend to address them which enables your company to change and evolve rather than get stuck in an ever changing market. Bill workshop helped us understand the essence of our product and assured us that we are building a product that we truly believe will help others, this is one of our significant intentions in life.

We were blushing so hard when we got compliments from Tom Hughes, the man who created the apple logos, about our product, it was so good to hear.

Wish us luck,