Tuesday, October 9, 2012

San Fransisco: The Land with No More Plastic Bags

Now in San Francisco, shoppers will need to remember more than just their wallet, keys, and shopping list when heading to the grocery store.

On Monday, Septemer 29, lawmakers in the bay city signed a law into effect that bans the use of plastic bags at grocery stores. Not only are the plastic bags banned, but for every other type of bag given to the customer, the establishment must charge the customer 10 cents. This is a major change for the way people shop. San Franciscans will now need to always remember to bring reusable bags with them during their shopping trips.

According to the department of the Environment, the city is the 49th city where the ordinance has passed. 
Turtle eating plastic bag
Please little turtle...DON'T EAT THAT!

“Every year 1 million single use plastic bags end up in the Bay,” said David Lewis, executive director of Save The Bay in a press release. “San Francisco is showing that it is vital to stop litter at its source before it flows into creeks, chokes wetlands, and harms wildlife.”

Here at Saverr, we are huge proponents of reusable bags. If you do decide to take a plastic bag when shopping, reuse it. Save it to put your lunch in. Make a craft with it with your kids. There are tons of great ideas floating around for people to reuse their plastic bags. Another idea is to even bring your plastic bags from your last trip to the store with you! That would work as well.

This plastic bag ban is sweeping the nation. If it comes to your store, will you be ready?


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