Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coupon Terms and Abbreviations

Coupon Lingo

So you are looking to start using coupons, and have read all the blogs out there. Everyone tries to make things easier by using abbreviations, but sometimes that make sit hard for the FTS (First Time Saverr). We looked as far as the eye could see (at least on the internet) and found tons of great abbreviations. We compiled this list so the next time you read about great deals, you know what you are looking at. 

$1/1, etc. - Indicates the value of a coupon, $1 off 1 item in this instance but could be any value, $4/2 ($4 off 2 items), etc.
AC - After coupon
AR - After rebate 
Blinkie - Coupon dispensed from a box attached to a store shelf. The term “blinkie” comes from the box which sometimes has a blinking light.
BOGO, B1G1 - Buy One Get One free
BTFE - Box Tops for Education
B&M - Refers to a “brick & mortar” store (as opposed to an online store)
Catalina - Coupon that prints on the small machine next to register
CPN - Coupon
CRT - Cash register tape — often referring to coupons at the bottom of your receipt.
DND - Do Not Double
Double Coupon - A coupon which can be doubled in value
ECB - Extra Care Bucks (CVS, prints on receipt)
ETA - Edited to Add
ETS - Excludes Trial Size
FAR - Free After Rebate
Filler - An item or items you buy in order to get your total up to a certain amount in order to use a percentage off coupon
FS - Free shipping
GC - Gift card/gift certificate
GDA - Good Deal Alert
GM - General Mills
Hangtags - Coupon is on a tag that hangs from the product. Similar to Winetags
IVC - Instant Value Coupon (Walgreens, found in the monthly EasySaver booklet)
IPQ, IP - Internet Printable coupon
KG - Kellog
MFG, MFR - Manufacturer
MQ - Manufacturer’s Coupon
MIR - Mail-In Rebate
NED - No expiration date
OOP - Out of Pocket
OOS - Out of Stock
OYNO - On Your Next Order
P&G - Proctor & Gamble coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper
Peelie - Coupon attached to an item’s packaging which can be peeled off
PSA - Prices Starting At
Q - Coupon
Regional - A coupon or deal available in only a specific area
RP - Red Plum coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper
RR - Register Rewards (Walgreens, which print with receipt)
SCR - Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid)
SS - Smart Source coupon insert found in the Sunday newspaper
Stacking - Using a manufacturer’s coupon in addition to a store coupon for an even lower price
Tear pad - A pad of rebate forms or coupons attached to a store shelf
TMF - Try Me Free
Triple Coupon - A coupon which can be tripled in value
UPC - Universal Product Code (a.k.a. bar code)
UPR - Up Rewards, a coupon you can earn on your register receipt at Rite Aid
WSL - While Supplies Last
WT, Winetag - A coupon hanging on the package of a product
WYB - When You Buy
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary. Means all stores may not accept or participate.

Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments section. 


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