Friday, December 7, 2012

Saverr is now available on your iPhone

We at Saverr are proud to announce that Saverr is now available on the Apple app store! This is HUGE news for us since Saverr is now available to over 85% of smartphone users. If you have an iPhone, click on the button below and download the app!

The Saverr team has been working day and night to make this happen, so we are really proud of being able to bring great savings to the masses. 

Please help Saverr share the love by telling everyone about the app and how to get it. If you have friends who use Android devices, Saverr is also available for Android.

We have a saying here at Saverr: Consumers Saving Together. We are happy our friends on iPhones will be able to join us in this goal. 

1 comment:

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