Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7 Awesome Apps to Organize Your Shopping

Smart shopping takes concentration and stamina. You have to keep track of what you need and constantly watch out for the right coupons. Fortunately, a variety of mobile apps are helping to change all that. From list keeping to coupon clipping, smarter shopping can be as easy as turning on your smartphone.
Here’s a list of some of the ones we think can help you gear up for your next supermarket visit.
1. Evernote
Some people use Evernote for everything (the app has something of a cult following). But you can use it to stay organized and store the things you want to remember next time you shop: receipts, recipes, a picture of an inspiring dish, empty carton, or favorite shampoo. The app works like a digital filing cabinet by letting you capture, save, and even email photos, audio recordings, documents and notes – basically anything you might ever want to keep handy before or while you – or anyone you know and love – is at the store.
Available for both iOS and Android
2. Any.do
Any.do helps you plan your to-do’s for the day or week, complete with daily reminders and a gratifying “check off” feature. Its grocery item recognition is pretty good too, so it can finish your shopping list for you as you type, including the size and kind of item you need. Create a shopping “folder” that you can add to throughout the week, and share your list with other family members – depending on who ends up doing the actual shopping!
Available for both iOS and Android
3. CartCrunch
If you leave the house feeling torn between what supermarket will save you more money, CartCrunch can help. The app uses real-time grocery store pricing information supplied by fellow local shoppers to give you a list of recommended stores near you. Scan your last grocery receipt to compare prices for specific grocery items at each one, along with available coupons and deals. CartCrunch will tell you how much you can save at each so you no longer have to play “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”
Available for both iOS and Android
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4. Allthecooks
It’s hard to use this app without salivating. Allthecooks is a global social community where everyone who loves to cook shares their favorite recipes. There are more than 150,000 recipes to choose from, and finding the one you want is easy with the great accompanying photos and category breakdowns, like “Christmas” and “Easy.” You can also search the database by what ingredients you have. Use Allthecooks to help prepare your shopping list next time you’re in the mood to cook something new.
Available for both iOS and Android
5. Fooducate
Maintaining good health is smart. You know what you like but do you know if it’s good for you? WithFooducate, you scan a product’s barcode to see detailed nutritional information along with ratings and comments from other users. Or you can search for a specific product by name to see how its nutritional value compares to other brands in its category. Staying true to your health or fitness goals at the supermarket has never been this easy – or fun.
Available for both iOS and Android
 6. In-store apps
As the number of shoppers with smartphones grows, so are the number of stores offering mobile apps of their own to make shopping there more pleasant. This includes giants like Walmart, Safeway and Wegmans, among others. From help navigating the aisles to finding store-specific deals to letting you check out without waiting in line, these apps can help shoppers save time and money – as well as increase the likelihood they’ll return. If your favorite grocery store doesn't have one yet, it might just be a matter of time.
7. Yowza!!
There’s no lack of apps for mobile coupons, but Yowza!! is one of our favorites because it tells you about the best deals in your locality. Yowza!! starts to work the moment you launch it on your phone so you can see what stores nearest you are offering deals. Cashing in is simple; just have the cashier scan the barcode on your device when you’re ready to check out for instant savings.
Available for iOS and Android
What apps help you save time or money when you shop? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.
Happy (and smart) shopping! 

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